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Artículo: Case Based e-Learning in Occupational Medicine

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Case based e-learning in occupational medicine–a European approach.

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1. J Occup Environ Med. 2009 Jun;51(6):647-53.

Kolb S, Wengenroth L, Hege I, Praml G, Nowak D, Cantineau J, Cantineau A,
Gonzalez M, Monso E, Pauncu EA, Dev Vellore A, Godnic-Cvar J, Radon K; NetWoRM

Collaborators: Schmidt KE, Godnic-Cvar J, Masschelein R, Godderis L, Carvalho D,
Liss G, Isler M, Calvo MJ, Herrera V, Marchetti N, Rodgriguez-Guzman J, Espinosa
Restrepo MT, Melart P, Lehtonen T, Mukala K, Bigaignon-Cantineau J, Gonzalez M,
Cantineau A, Beitner J, Rose D, Letzel S, Bergmann A, Skoelziger R, Drexler H,
Baumeister T, Haufe E, Scheuch K, Siegmann S, Bartsch R, Beer B, Adler M,
Paulsamy J, Smits P, Golec M, Gora A, Krol A, Pauncu EA, Gherman F,
Martinez-Jarreta B, Monso E, Riu E, Roca J, Grassioulet Y, Danuser B, Dev Vellore
A, Burge S, Lum M.

Institute and Outpatient Clinic for Occupational, Social and Environmental,
Medicine, Clinical Centre, Ludwig-Maximilian University, Munich D-80336, Germany

OBJECTIVE: The main aim of the European Union project NetWoRM (Net-based training for Work-Related Medicine) is an international case-based e-learning curriculum for occupational medicine (OM). METHODS: To improve teaching in OM, web-based cases have been created and implemented at the University of Munich since 1999.
In the last 5 years, the project has been further developed with a view to implement the methods internationally. RESULTS: Overall, 26 cases were developed in a standard English version and 10 cases each were made available for several national European curricula. The evaluation of cases showed easiness in accepting the cases and high level of interest in working with them.

CONCLUSIONS: Case-based e-learning on an international platform is a unique tool, which supports the quality improvement of education and training in OM throughout Europe in the longer term.

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