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Artículo: European dissemination of a web- and case-based learning system for occupational medicine: NetWoRM Europe

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European dissemination of a web- and case-based learning system for occupational medicine: NetWoRM Europe


S. Kolb, J. Reichert, I. Hege, G. Praml, M. C. Bellido, B. Martinez-Jaretta, M. Fischer, D. Nowak, K. Radon and the NetWoRM group

Received: 15 February 2006 Accepted: 17 November 2006 Published online: 12 January 2007


Objective Occupation has a large impact on health in Europe. In order to prevent and recognize occupational diseases, medical students and physicians should know about the potentially causal relationship between profession and diseases as well as the basic legal aspects of occupational medicine (OM). However, the opportunity of bedside teaching, the students’ most favoured way of teaching, is limited.

Methods One possibility to complete and improve traditional training in OM is computer-oriented case-based learning. Using the authoring system “CASUS” (INSTRUCT AG) cases can be created and handled without knowledge in computer sciences.

Results So far, 19 cases have been created and evaluated by students of German universities. Due to the great efforts arising from the creation of such multimedia cases it is desirable and cost-effective to use the existing cases at several medical universities. Therefore, the Net-based Training in Work-Related Medicine (NetWoRM) project shares cases on an international base. In February and April 2005, 13 case-authors from 12 centres were trained in the basics of case creation during a 3 week programme in Munich. The overall evaluation of the participants indicated that this way of teaching case creation is very efficient. Up to now, nine cases were translated into English and five into Spanish. First implementation of the cases in Spain and Finland showed a good acceptance by the students but more evaluation has still to be done.


Based on these results we conclude that exchange of case-based e-learning in OM is feasible and rewarding on an international base.

Artículo: Case Based e-Learning in Occupational Medicine

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Case based e-learning in occupational medicine–a European approach.

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1. J Occup Environ Med. 2009 Jun;51(6):647-53.

Kolb S, Wengenroth L, Hege I, Praml G, Nowak D, Cantineau J, Cantineau A,
Gonzalez M, Monso E, Pauncu EA, Dev Vellore A, Godnic-Cvar J, Radon K; NetWoRM

Collaborators: Schmidt KE, Godnic-Cvar J, Masschelein R, Godderis L, Carvalho D,
Liss G, Isler M, Calvo MJ, Herrera V, Marchetti N, Rodgriguez-Guzman J, Espinosa
Restrepo MT, Melart P, Lehtonen T, Mukala K, Bigaignon-Cantineau J, Gonzalez M,
Cantineau A, Beitner J, Rose D, Letzel S, Bergmann A, Skoelziger R, Drexler H,
Baumeister T, Haufe E, Scheuch K, Siegmann S, Bartsch R, Beer B, Adler M,
Paulsamy J, Smits P, Golec M, Gora A, Krol A, Pauncu EA, Gherman F,
Martinez-Jarreta B, Monso E, Riu E, Roca J, Grassioulet Y, Danuser B, Dev Vellore
A, Burge S, Lum M.

Institute and Outpatient Clinic for Occupational, Social and Environmental,
Medicine, Clinical Centre, Ludwig-Maximilian University, Munich D-80336, Germany

OBJECTIVE: The main aim of the European Union project NetWoRM (Net-based training for Work-Related Medicine) is an international case-based e-learning curriculum for occupational medicine (OM). METHODS: To improve teaching in OM, web-based cases have been created and implemented at the University of Munich since 1999.
In the last 5 years, the project has been further developed with a view to implement the methods internationally. RESULTS: Overall, 26 cases were developed in a standard English version and 10 cases each were made available for several national European curricula. The evaluation of cases showed easiness in accepting the cases and high level of interest in working with them.

CONCLUSIONS: Case-based e-learning on an international platform is a unique tool, which supports the quality improvement of education and training in OM throughout Europe in the longer term.

Artículo: Aggression Towards Health Care Workers in Spain

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Título: A Multi-facility Study to Evaluate the Distribution of a Growing Violence Among Professionals, Health Facilities and Departments


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Artículo: Análisis médico-legal de las agresiones a profesionales

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Autores: Begoña Martínez-Jarreta, Santiago Gascón, Miguel Ángel Santed y Jesús Goicoechea.

Palabras clave: Medical-legal analysis of aggresssion towards health professionals. An approach to a silent reality and its consequences on health.

Introducción: Las agresiones a los profesionales sanitarios constituyen un problema grave y de importantes consecuencias que hasta fechas recientes era prácticamente desconocido y posteriormente ha permanecido silenciado por su escasa denuncia.

Su rápida evolución en España parece responder a un patrón de creciente violencia interpersonal observada en diversos ámbitos de nuestra sociedad (familia, educación, medio laboral, ocio, etc.).

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